(Violent Video) Ghetto Thug Harasses Marine On Subway Gets Face Turned To Blood Faucet


Some thugs just don’t learn until they get their face turned into a blood faucet.

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  • Reuben Hart

    All that getto raghead scum could do was talk. That clean cut American Marine cleaned his clock twice. Love it!!

  • Jackie Milton

    Kneegrow got his azz beat and still ran his mouth. That’s exactly what you just go ahead and beat them to death. That’s exactly why they hung them in the 19th century and we will begin hanging them again soon. The marine couldnt even fight. Elbows were to high and left his solar plexus wide open. One punch would have totally disabled him if the kneegrow had known what he was doing.

    • MitchBaxter

      That wasn’t a “Marine.”

  • “Marines I see as two breeds, Rottweilers or Dobermans, because Marines come in two varieties, big and mean, or skinny and mean. They’re aggressive on the attack and tenacious on defense. They’ve got really short hair and they always go for the throat.”  ~ RAdm. “Jay” R. Stark, USN; 10 November 1995 


  • Athena007

    Neither one of them can fight, and that is definitely not a Marine. Nice clickbait tactic.

    • Torian Richardson

      Thank you… Atleast you have a brain.

  • von jon

    He deserved what he got…. But why is it always about race…. Just to keep us divided while we are conquered by those in power.

  • The Ghetto Slime is a typical Obama Zombie, uneducated and dumb to the bone! I can understand admitting you were fooled the first time, in 2008, but if you voted for the Kenyan Muslim Queer twice, then you have proved yourself to be too stupid to argue with! This Ghetto Maggot should be put down like the dog he is! Blacks usually won’t fight one on one, they have to have ten against one, so this is surprising! The fecal worm must have been drunk or real high to be that stupid!

    • Torian Richardson

      Wow you are a moron.

      • Is that all your little perverted mind could come up with? Then who is the real moron, duh? Only childish name calling and nothing intelligent to add just shows your an ignorant Leftist Twat like the rest of your vomit bucket of Democrats! Couldn’t you at least come up with some argument or is that too hard for that small brain of yours? if you stand up for scum like this, then you must be part of that Ghetto Slime too, or am I wrong?

        • Torian Richardson

          “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
          You misunderstand my intentions. I don’t argue with people of lower intelligence such as yourself as it is pointless. The point of my comment should be taken at face value. I was simply letting you know you are a moron. You complain about childish name calling yet both of your post so far are littered with them. Also, you are the moron going off on your racist diatribes on a click bait article with no background story to even prove the other was actually a marine or who actually started the fight. Feel honored that I took time to write this much as I normally don’t to idiots like you.

          • Oh, another Leftist who likes to act like they are so much better and educated than others, just like you Kenyan Queer, Barry. Did you vote for him twice? I am sure you did, just from what you have written, you are one of Them, not a Patriot, perhaps you as much of an American as your idol, Barry, huh? Have you ever served in our military? Or do such highly intelligent individuals, such as yourself, see no need to serves a nation that gives them the Freedom to act like the sewer scum they like to act as? I have found, in my lifetime of military service, people such as yourself, last about three minutes in a life and death situation. Most love to flaunt their use of the language, and can sound quiet impressive, but when it comes to life and death situations, the turn tale and run with the cowards. Do you also flaunt on of those leftist feel good titles of “Professor” to make you feel good about yourself? Unless it is a Medical Professor, like the surgeon who did my liver transplant, then it is useless title for idiots. Are you one of those, Torian? What kind of name is Torian? Never heard it before. Is it another one of those made up names that Blacks like to give themselves nowdays? Just wondering.

          • Torian Richardson

            Lol, it was cute reading your analysis of me. It was especially cute because you are WAY off, but I like your imagination. Torian is a French name. Furthermore, all names are “made up” even though white people like you believe somehow “their” names were divinely endowed from God himself. Anyway, I can’t take seriously some dumb hick who looks like the White Osama Bin Laden. Back to the trailer park with you.

          • So, you just admitted your a nigger, most likely a Muslim pig, are you a Homo like your idol, Obama, also? Bet you are the cute one to the guys and probably was very popular in prison. Where did you do time? I worked for the Feds for decades and had contact with people of your caliber daily. Same as back in my Democrat days, before Obama, and I listened to his first speech, all I heard was the same type of conversation as I heard from inmates, and it is the same type of conversation I am hearing from you. Bet you even voted for the queer twice, lol! Are you also a Muslim pig? You do know Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and allah is nothing more than satan, or have you figured that out yet?

          • Torian Richardson

            LOL, I love getting White trash like you all hot and bothered. BTW what is it with you whites and your obsession with Homo’s and Muslims? You know what they say about people who have fixations on things they claim to “hate” right? It sounds to me like you are angry because you crave but can’t seem to find a black, Muslim, homosexual male who will give you a shot. BTW, please expand your vocabulary, you have said the exact same thing like 4 times in a row.

          • Well, revel in your own vomit, asswipe! I have no time for niggers such as yourself. Blacks are wonderful, decent, hard working, intelligent people who work hard to better themselves. But niggers like you suck off the hard working taxpayer, like your idol, Barry, taught you! No wonder there are so many nigger on nigger killings. Enjoy your life and I pray it is long and fruitful, but being an Obama supporter today just proves your too ignorant of the Truths of Life and I have no time for your ignorance! Time for you to go find your play time with someone who will put up with your arrogant ignorance.

          • Torian Richardson

            That’s too bad you are leaving you were my entertainment for the night. See I am up working overnight (I am a server Engineer) while you are up arguing on Disquis. Now go shave your beard and watch kiddie porn or whatever it is you redneck white males do in your spare time.

          • Francisco Salinas

            What a demeanor …. what a disposition .. not mention that you have an atty problem. WISE UP MR CORN FLAKE …. you just a lot of hot air … much like Hannity or Limbaugh.

          • Go back to lapping up Obama’s vomit and rectal droppings. You seem to enjoy it a lot! Are you one of those old Queers that never die?

          • Homo’s and Muslims are Pigs of Satan, all evil and perverse, that is why normal Patriots don’t like them. Islam has proven to be an Enemy of all that Lives and all that is good and right in the world. Hot & bothered, over you? You give yourself too much credit, as most Leftist Bernie or Hillary scum do. Not to worry, PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to cleanse our nation of scum, those who need prison will be sent to prison, your Obama, Hillary, Kerry, and every corrupt politician in DC, from both worthless Parties, will be looking for rocks to hide under, lol! So get used to having and American Patriot at the Helm. Should put all you wimpy Leftist Loons panties in a twist, lol!

          • Torian Richardson

            That was a cute story.

          • You sound as intelligent as a pig’s turd, Torian. Is that one of those Nwigger names that the uneducated come up with, thinking it is African or some idiocy?

          • drew

            You sir are a disgrace to the Caucasian race. Keep your opinions as that yours we dont want them! And before you go to your one good line no im not a muslim no im not a leftist, no i didnt vote for obama, yes i am a marine, (we dont fight like that), and your mother shoukd ba ashamed of you! This guy is an idiot for his actions but religion race and who he voted for have nothing to do with it. So keep your inaccurate insensitive inappropriate bull shit to yourself. Your sisters telling you to come back to bed anyway go mke your wif3 happy! Cheers mate

          • This old Vet thanks you for your service, but if you don’t like what I have to say, tough titty! And I never replied to you and called you nothing, my discussion was with the Torian Twat. And if you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. Didn’t the Marines at least educate you enough to know it’s not polite to interrupt others? Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul, just like Liberalism, and both bow down to Satan. If you want to play Hero, then enlist again, but playing Hero on the internet only gets you told to kiss others ass. I could care less what you think, sorry the Marines didn’t educate you enough to stay out of others business. Now, go crawl back in your hole. Army 1968 – 1990.

  • Jon Jo

    Wot the fuck you on about Bob lit man?? You need to re think things, white folk afraid of blacks?? Both are afraid of each other and that’s sad, both are and have been equally nasty to our own, look at African dictators, kill more blacks than anyone, hitler killed more whites than anyone, race, religion, aload of bollox, it’s nothing more than a money thing, we all bleed the same colour RED, I’ve lived with Africans, Jamaicans, slept with black woman and we all the same, love black ladies really do, so fuck you racist pricks out there, you are y there is a problem

  • Jon Jo

    And Sam wtf you on about boy??? He got wot he deserved mate

  • Jon Jo

    Like YOU TOM

  • MitchBaxter

    Why is every white guy in a YouTube fight video supposedly “a Marine?”

  • Dick Merganser

    Stupid nagger got his butt whipped and she still can’t shut up.