(Violent Video) Did You Hear About The 30 Girl Fight In A U.S. High School Yesterday?

30 girl fight

My God! What is going on in the U.S. public school system? When the female teachers aren’t sleeping with underage boys, it seems the female students are beating the hell out of each other over boys. Man, why wasn’t the ‘boy value’ so high when I was in school? I mean, what is it about high school boys these days that has all the female teachers wanting to sleep with them and all the girls wanting to fight over them?

A fight took place recently in a Pittsburgh high school, allegedly, over a boy. The police have gotten involved, and charges are going to be pressed.

According to reports, there was blood in the classroom and blood in the hallway. These girls were bleeding out of their eyes, their noses, their… whatever… as Donald Trump might say. You gotta check this out!

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  • Charles Dickerson

    Don’t worry, just like the perps of all the cop killings happen to be black, we will allow the black elephant in the room to remain unmolested in this video as well. Blacks again? How dare I deign to impugn blacks as any kind of consistent problem in our society. Close your eyes and click your heels 3 times and pretend there’s no black race problem. Ahh, that feels good! There’s no color in society, there’s no color in society there’s no color…

  • Darla Gabaldon

    stupid white girl lol she got her @ss kicked lol then again all these girls are stupid probably over a boy