(Violent Video) Black Man Punches Blind White Woman Repeatedly On Bus!

black man puches white woman on bus

OMG! What in the HELL was this all about?

Many so called ‘leaders’ within the domestic terrorist group, “Black Lives Matter” have been calling for such random acts of violence and hatred against people of caucasionness. They feel violence against innocent people is the only way to make Americans aware of their “plight.” So, I wonder what it will take to make the U.S. Government aware of their favorite game “knockout?” I’m sure the alleged leaders of the hate group are proud of this loyal follower.

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  • SunshineSunshineSunshine

    What a coward nigger, only can hit defenseless disabled people. Never would happen in any self-respecting nation, only in a nation of cowards.

    • bob white

      What a coward pussy you are to make a racist generalization. He was wrong totally but you are apiece of shit.