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Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate, CIA Cutout, Or Both!

TMR Editor’s Note:
The following exposé provides a penetrating analysis of the “Obama Conspiracy”.  The author has done an outstanding job of deconstructing the exceedingly obscured back story.  There’s a LOT going on here which this particular narrative reveals in great detail.

Whenever the inside story is hidden deep within the bowels of the CIA, you can be sure it will reflect a multi-faceted plot and multi-purposeful agenda.  The “Obama Conspiracy” is as deep as it gets.  Particularly when a clandestine scheme works directly against the interests of the USA does it become necessary to expose it.

Now many will suggest that the true conspiracy runs much deeper and broader than what is explained in the following exposé.  They are absolutely correct.  Highly classified black operations like this are in the planning and development stage for decades … sometimes many decades.  These black-ops always have many levels, as well as various layers within each level, so as to accomplish as much as possible toward the advancement of the NWO agenda.

There is so much more going on with Obama that it boggles the mind.  The Millennium Report has been methodically investgating these and other Obama matters over the past 8 years, and we’re not even close.  Our upcoming essay will address some of the more furtive aspects of this “Con of the Millennium”.  In the meantime, the piece below does a GREAT job connecting the dots.

The Millennium Report


Obama: The Ultimate Temp


By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

Pretend you fake 9/11.

For whatever reason, you stage a (fake) terrorist attack on New York.

Maybe it’s a drill. Maybe it’s an excuse to create your own army (DHS). Maybe you want to invade Iraq.

For whatever purpose, you stage the fake attack. And everyone’s fooled.

Until a few years later, when NSA calls: “We’re picking up phone chatter about ‘jet fuel only burning at 750 degrees; too cold to melt steel beams.”

The next day, DARPA reports “Facebook users examining video of planes hitting the WTC.” People are wondering why no aircraft parts broke off – how did skyscrapers totally “swallow” two jetliners?

A week later, the Pentagon calls you: “Folks on the Web are digging into 9/11. We thought we could stall them 50 years, like with JFK. But with Social Media growing, people compare notes much quicker. Here in the Pentagon basement, our supercomputer predicts that Americans will realize 9/11 was faked pretty soon. We think they’ll wake up during the next Presidential term – and realize 9/11 was staged.”

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You’re not thrilled with this news. The Pentagon was supposed to contain the secret, but it’s already leaking out? You trust France and England, but what if the Moslem Brotherhood finds one of your “dead hijackers” drinking mojitos at the beach? What if people realize Flight 93 left no wreckage at Shanksville, PA?

If folks realize the real terrorists are US officials, (i) The government could collapse, and (ii) Rich politicians (including you) will go to prison.

There’s no time to panic. The question is: What do you do? How do you keep 9/11 covered up?

First, you have CIA bribe or threaten any newscasters that aren’t on CIA’s payroll. That way, FOX won’t ask too many questions as your plan unfolds.

Second, you have NCS (National Clandestine Service) and DARPA rent a few warehouses. When Facebook users post something questioning 9/11, their comment pops up on a screen in Arlington, VA. Your shills are lined up in telemarketing centers – posing as “real people” on Facebook:

Most play “Concerned Citizen,” guiding Facebook conversations away from danger topics that might expose 9/11 as bogus. If all else fails, your Shills “blow up the conversation” with profanity and crazy behavior, to scare away bystanders. DARPA adds the biggest truth-seekers to their “Suppress List,” so when those users post something on Social Media, only a few people see it.

You congratulate yourself for cleverness – when suddenly, CIA calls back. Apparently, foreign intel agencies noticed that you staged 9/11, and that means leaks. There’s almost 200 countries in the world – and normal CIA dealmaking won’t keep them satisfied forever. To keep 9/11 secret, they want special favors.

So you bribe foreign countries with a Trillion dollars that the Fed refuses to explain. The money just “gets sent overseas to banks” without telling taxpayers which banks or why. You tell Americans there’s a “financial crisis” and if you don’t vanish a Trillion dollars, bad things will happen. Your polling company keeps checking public opinion, and it seems CNN earned its propaganda pay, because most folks fall for the heist.

To celebrate the coverup, you meet Barney Frank for drinks at his favorite restaurant. Everything’s going great, until Barney finishes his fourth drink and asks: “Who are we gonna put in the White House?”

And suddenly, you realize you cannot let the normal election process take its course. Because the next President will have access to Top Secret files, and within days of his election, he’ll realize you staged 9/11.

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He’ll also discover the pile of scams and crimes committed by Congress and CIA – going back decades. What if the next President isn’t corrupt? Or, what if he’s corrupt, but hits a limit (Treason) he’s not willing to cross?

Barney looks at you, knowingly: “We need someone who’ll keep the lid on.”

In other words, the next President needs to be someone who WON’T blow the whistle on (i) Decades of deceit, or (ii) Crimes committed to hide that deceit.

So you’ve got a problem: Who exactly can you install (as the next President) to keep the lid on 9/11?

No Good Guys

For the next President, you can’t install a Good Guy (like Chuck Norris) because he’ll get halfway through page 1 of your Top Secret 9/11 files, flip out, and blow the whistle. If he doesn’t go public, he’ll at least toss someone in prison, and that guy might squeal and bring the whole scheme down – sending you to jail for staging 9/11 and covering it up.

No Bad Guys

But you can’t install a Bad Guy either. Michael Bloomberg didn’t get where he got by selling the most Girl Scout cookies. He got this far (and collected $37 Billion) by being clever.

The Uniparty doesn’t let you become Mayor of New York if you’re too naïve to push their agenda. For example, if the Regime tells you to shepherd a fake 9/11 survivor around Manhattan, you do it:

Later, Bloomberg won’t notice when NETFLIX exposes that fake 9/11 survivor in the documentary, The Woman Who Wasn’t There. If anyone asks about Tania Head (fake WTC survivor), Bloomberg can say that he was tricked, his security team was tricked, Giuliani’s security team was tricked, and Pataki’s security team was tricked – by a kook from Spain using a fake name.

Plus now, Bloomberg’s got skin in the game – since he’s on camera escorting a 9/11 fraud around Manhattan.

But if CIA suggests disarming the American people (before they discover 9/11 was fake and go ballistic), you might hesitate. But where do we find Michael Bloomberg? When the Regime stages a fake shooting in an Aurora movie theater, Bloomberg jumps aboard the Gun Grab Roadshow and promotes the Aurora gun-grab hoax with vicSIM Stephen Barton:

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Bizarrely, Stephen Barton rode his bike 2,000 miles across the USA, from Newtown CT to Aurora CO – just in time for opening night of Batman, where he got shot with 24 shotgun pellets in the head and neck….. before making a full recovery to become Gun Grab Roadshow poster-boy:

Then, Bloomberg announces his new gun-scam group – Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). Before long, 50 mayors flee MAIG upon realizing Bloomberg’s favorite shootings are faked by the US Government to dupe Americans out of their firearms:

Crooked or not, Bloomberg isn’t stupid enough to reside in the Oval Office holding the hot potato when the Big Con collapses – when Americans wake up and realize 9/11 was fake and Sandy Hook was Treason. Bad Guys instinctively know when the “con” is too bold. A street-level mugger will take wild risks if he hasn’t eaten in two days. But once you’ve got mansions and $37 Billion in the bank, you’re not going to mug an old lady – the reward isn’t worth the risk. Rather, a billionaire politician only takes risks when (i) He’s protected (not likely to get caught), (ii) The reward is huge, or (iii) He’s got no choice (blackmail). If all three of those conditions are met, it’s absolutely “risk-taking time.”

So your search for Presidential candidates is more frustrating than you expected. Good Guys have moral limits. Bad Guys are too smart to risk their wealth and freedom serving as Front Man when perhaps the biggest scam in history collapses on their head. Good Guys will freak out upon spotting the dirt. Bad Guys know the dirt goes deeper than anyone can imagine – and aren’t stupid enough to babysit the corpse.

Solution? You call John Kerry.


John Kerry won the game by marrying rich women, getting their money, pretending he hates war and doing his horseface-hippie routine. John isn’t bright. But sadly, he’s not dumb enough to trade yachts and mansions for a prison cell. He’s not about to waltz into your historic scam as the fall guy. John Kerry doesn’t return your calls – he doesn’t want the job either.

So for President, you can’t hire an Eagle Scout (Chuck Norris). You can’t plant a Dirtbag (Bloomberg). And even Dopes (John Kerry) are avoiding the plot.
So, who’s left? Who can you put in the Oval Office?