(Videos) Horrific Video Of FlyDubai Plane Crash And Heartbreaking Audio Of Pilot’s Last Words


Reports are that the FlyDubai plane crash landed, but the following video seems to show something very different.  Commentary with this YouTube video by Your Daily NEWS says,

Air-traffic control and local emergency services confirmed that the Boeing 737-800 jet crashed near the runway during a second approach in conditions of poor visibility.  “According to preliminary data, the Boeing 738 crashed in poor visibility conditions, some 50-100 meters left of the runway,” the source said.  “The plane, according to preliminary data, crashed during the second approach,” the source told Interfax.  “During the landing approach a Boeing-737 crashed. It had 55 passengers on board. All of them died,” a regional spokesman told TASS.

The first video appears to show a fireball falling from the sky, then an explosion, which doesn’t seem to say “crash landing”, does it?

The second video is a conversation about the weather between the pilots of this lost plane and the air traffic controllers.

May the passengers and crew of FlyDubai FZ981 rest in peace.

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