(Videos) All Armed Americans To Be Detained In FEMA Camps In 2017??



The end of Obama’s reign of terror is near, assuming that he doesn’t decide to stay right where he is.  Our narcissistic imposter-in-chief would be perfectly happy to become the first dictator of the United States and the current conditions in America are setting the stage.  FEMA camps aren’t a conspiracy theory anymore, Obama has talked about them himself.  And we all know who’ll be the first occupants, conservative patriots, (aka domestic extremists), and any American with guns.

People who choose to remain blind to the fact that this is all in process will say that martial law won’t work, our military would never turn on it’s own people if their orders don’t uphold the Constitution.  True, but remember there are thousands of foreign troops training on American soil at any given time and U.N. forces have been in our country training with our military within the past year.  And don’t forget about the millions of illegals who owe him.

Glenn Beck has been sounding the alarm for years and regardless of what you think of him, he’s been right too many times for Americans to continue calling him a paranoid lunatic.  Obama has been slowly and surely taking all the steps needed to “legally” implement martial law and to take our guns.  The current violence at the political events has been planned and organized, have no doubt, and it will just keep increasing.

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