(Video) Who’s Behind The “Anybody But Trump” Message In The Sky Above The Rose Parade??


The competition is heating up, the GOP candidates are starting to attack each other as the primaries get closer.  As Rubio, (aka Rinio), tries to gain ground, his supporters are pulling out the stops and spending money to help him gain percentage points.

A millionaire real estate developer, Stan Pate, is behind the messages flying over Pasadena, CA today over the Rose Parade the Rose Bowl.  Pate is from Alabama and The Huntsville Times has referred to him as “an edgy force in Alabama politics”.  Pate says there’s more to coma and he’s just getting started and there’ll be message at the Orange, Sugar and Cotton Bowls.

Makes you wonder how many votes this guy was able to buy with this stunt?  If you want to continue business as usual, you probably should vote for Rubio.

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