Video…You Won’t Believe What Putin Just Did To Obama At the UN!!!


In the video below, The Next News Network, delves through the events that transpired at the UN, and here is what they had to say on the YouTube commentary:

“Vladimir Putin has launched an eleventh hour effort to shore up the embattled regime of Bashar al-Assad. He is putting soldiers and military equipment into Syria and launching a new diplomatic offensive. He is being joined in this effort by Iran and by the divided and dysfunctional Iraqi government, whose foreign policy is increasingly made in Tehran.

“Mr Putin, anxious as ever to demonstrate that Russia is a great power that cannot be ignored, is exploiting the vacuum left in large part by the US and European governments. For more than four years, western voices have called for regime change in Syria and done little to bring it about. The decision by President Barack Obama not to take military action after the Assad government used chemical weapons in defiance of US-articulated red lines emboldened the government and demoralized the opposition. Adding to the problem was the strategy of looking to Iraq as a base from which to attack Isis in Syria. This plan never came to fruition as Iraqi government forces disappointed whenever called upon. The result is that western Iraq has, like much of Syria, become fertile ground for Isis.

“The subsequent US-led effort to identify, train and arm a moderate opposition to Mr Assad proved to be a fiasco.”

Here’s the shocking report…

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By Lisa Haven


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