Video…WOW! Ben Carson Takes Action Against This Radical Muslim Organization!!!


While everyone is focused on Donald Trump and all of the brave things he’s saying about what he’ll do if he’s elected, Ben Carson isn’t waiting to be elected to take action against one of the most radical Muslim organizations in America. While the rest of America tip-toes around CAIR (the Muslim Mafia), carefully choosing their words, so as not to offend anyone…Dr. Carson takes them head on! Americans should be taking notes, because CAIR is a very powerful organization who uses their minority status much like Barack Obama uses his “blackness” to shame others into allowing them to influence policy and laws. If this is any indication as to how fearlessly Ben Carson will lead our nation…we’re all in!  

Ben Carson was crucified by the press for suggesting we should never have a Muslim President who follows Sharia Law. Watch ABC’s Jake Tapper interview Dr. Ben Carson. Tapper is desperate to make news by creating a “gotcha” moment with Carson during his interview. The problem is, Ben is just too smart for him and no matter how hard he tries, Ben’s brilliance on just about every issue, coupled with his steadfast commitment to his defending his core beliefs is no match for this mainstream media puppet. Ben’s campaign manager finally steps in when the interview becomes painful to watch and puts an end to Jake Tapper’s embarrassing performance:

By 100% FED Up


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  • real trix

    Oh how I wish it was Trump he is interviewing. This gentleman is so patient with the Journalist.