(Video) Would This Have Happened If BO Hadn’t Declared Open Season On Cops??


This is a tough video to watch and I’m not second guessing this cop, (it was his life on the line, not mine), but it makes you wonder if any of this would’ve happened if police officers weren’t being assassinated in our Country.  Thanks BO.

Carrollton, GA – Surveillance audio of a police encounter that left a man dead has been released.  The shooting occurred at a gas station Thursday night on Bankhead Highway in Carrollton.

According to a spokesperson with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, around 9:17 p.m., Carrollton Police Corporal Chad Cook responded to the area of the Community Southern Bank on Bankhead Highway after police received a call about a man with a gun.

Cook located a man fitting the description, later identified as Kenneth Joel Dothard, 40, near the intersection of Bankhead Highway and Burns Road.  When Cook approached Dothard, he noticed he had a gun in a holster, police said.

Cook called in on his radio to the Carroll County 911 Center to do an information check on Dothard and then called for a backup unit.  Dothard became agitated when he heard the corporal call for back-up and Dothard put his hand on his gun, police said.

Police said Cook tried to physically restrain Dothard’s hands and gave him verbal commands to not draw his weapon.  Dothard did not comply with the verbal commands, according to police, and began to draw his weapon. Cook fired two rounds striking Dothard in the head. Dothard died at the scene.

The situation goes south around 7:40.



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