(Video) Are You Using This New Social Networking App Yet??


Another new social networking app hit the market last week and combines parts of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.  Peach is said to be simpler and more private than Facebook and Twitter and may be able to successfully compete with them for the following are reasons:

  1. Brands love it with many national and international companies already on it.
  2. It isn’t Facebook which some say has become an almost self-contained internet of it’s own and is cluttered with many, various uses.
  3. It takes the best of Twitter so you only see what you choose to view and no one can see your posts unless you approve them.
  4. Peach is fun and new. Facebook and Twitter continue to grow and include many things you have no interest in.  This app, for the moment, doesn’t have that.
  5. The app is simple.  Peach is more similar to sending a text message than it is to Twitter which requires some tech knowledge.

It’ll be interesting to see if it becomes a daily part of our social networking.


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