(Video) Why Does This Table Glow In The Dark?

glow table 8

Everyone loves having a unique piece of furniture, whether its uniqueness has to do with the personal story behind it, like a coffee table made out of the old Oak tree that stood in the yard for generations, or, in this case, due to appearance. This is a ‘glow table’ and believe it or not, it’s quite simple to make.

glow table 1

Any type of wood would work if you have a router, but if you use Pecky cypress, it’s even easier, because that type of wood already has natural grooves and indentations in it.

glow table 2

After clearing out the grooves, simply smooth the surface down with a sander, as pictured above.

glow table 3

Then mix a photo-luminescent powder into simple resin to fill in the grooves. Pick your favorite color, any will do.

glow table 4

After a short time of soaking up some light, then put in a bit of shade, your table begins to glow already.

glow table 5

But that pales in comparison to how things will look once it truly gets dark!

glow table 6

Remember to seal it up with a polyurethane finish after sanding it down again once the glow in the dark resin has dried.

glow table 7

And then you have your final product! For video instructions on how to do this, watch this video from YouTube!

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