(Video) Why Did A Cop Beat The Living Hell Out Of This Man For Praying On The Beach?


This is one of the worst cases of police brutality to come along in quite a while, and very little is being mentioned about it on the mainstream media.

Jamie Kalani Rice, a Honolulu, Hawaii man, spotted a seal on the beach. He went up to it, knelt down, and prayed.

A cop, Ming Wang, came upon the scene and told Rice to leave. In time, he did, and Wang followed him down the beach and beat the living hell out of him. He ran in front of him from behind, like a coward, and maced him, and then started beating him with his billy club.

The video is quite long, but it shows the whole thing. Rice did not appear to pose any threat to the cop. And to make this even more ridiculous, Rice was charged and convicted of a crime! He’s filed a civil suit against Wang, but who knows how that will turn out.

The brutal beating begins around the 9:30 mark in the video if you’d like to fast forward.

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