(Video) Who Was Standing Behind The Curtain At The Debate?


The moderators were lining up the sticks and Trump was putting the flame to the fuses. The resulting explosions were just too loud to hear anything else and the effects were blinding.  And that could very well have been the plan.

Thursday night’s Republican primary debate on Fox News was the most watched primary debate in history with over 24,000,000 Americans tuning in, according to the Daily Mail. The fireworks started immediately with The Donald and the remaining two hours, while very entertaining, gave viewers little opportunity to actually hear where the primary candidates stood on the issues.

Random comments on social media are swirling and there seems to be a repeating theme: The questions for Trump were intended to be so sensational they would overshadow all other serious questions which would also limit the ability of the front runners (many being proven Conservatives) to get their ideas out.


Now who, besides the Liberals, would want to achieve this? The establishment GOP, of course. And the unofficial leader of the Rinos is Karl Rove. And guess who was in Cleveland on Wednesday?  Karl Rove, and according to reports from Business Insider, his comments about the debate are chillingly accurate:

Even though all of the top Republican hopefuls will share a stage in Cleveland for the first time Thursday, GOP strategist Karl Rove told a packed house on Wednesday night that “this is not a debate.”

“Let’s be clear,” said Rove, the onetime senior adviser and deputy chief of staff for former President George W. Bush. “This is a series of 10 sequential news conferences, masquerading as a debate.”

“Let’s not kid ourselves. Nothing definitive will be settled tomorrow night,” Rove said, adding that there would still be “a debate about the debate during the debate on social networks.”

Given Rove’s long relationship with FNC, it really isn’t too hard to believe he may have had some influence with the format.  The smoke from this “news conference” will eventually clear and it’ll be interesting to see how the next few months play out in the GOP primary race.

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