(Video) What This Cute Little Teenager Did To Help Her Homeless Family Will Melt Your Heart!

becky g

My mind, and my heart, has just been blown away!

I was listening to music on YouTube while working and heard a song I’d never heard before. I glanced at the screen and saw one of the most beautiful young ladies I’ve ever seen, and was like, “Damn!” The girl, pictured above, is named Becky G. Being a bit of a perv, I Googled her to find out her story, and man, was I really blown away!

It turns out that Becky G. is her stage name. Her real name is Rebecca Marie Gomez (no relation to Selena that I know of), and she is from Inglewood, California.

When little Rebecca was fourteen, only four years ago, her family lost their home due to economic hardship, and they went to live in her grandmother’s lean-to garage built on the side of her house. Thinking along the lines of any sweet little fourteen year old, she wanted to help her family and decided that a way she could would be to start a YouTube channel and record videos of herself singing cover songs, uploading them, and perhaps making a couple hundred bucks a month from Google Adsense, so this is what she did.

The rest is history!

She became a HUGE internet sensation and is now one of the most popular pop stars among young people the world over. Her videos are now professionally made and receive hundreds of millions of views!

It’s such a heart warming story to see someone become successful not because of who they knew, or how they looked (though I’m sure you’ll agree, she’s quite the looker), but because they followed the love they had in their heart for those who mean the most to them. Little Miss Becky G. is one of my new heroes!

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