(Video) What Just Came Rolling In With A Storm In Michigan Has Residents Terrified!

ufo michigan

Advancements in video recording technology, and the fact that almost everyone has it with them at almost all times in the form of their cellphone, has translated to a lot of people catching a lot of really weird stuff on video that before would have slipped by, leaving only word of mouth as very refutable evidence.

A video has surfaced of something very strange, indeed, accompanying a coming storm in Michigan, and those who have seen the video are quite freaked out.

In the video below, the object seen is zoomed in on so we can get the best look possible. What do you think? The real McCoy? Or another elaborate hoax?

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The Giver

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  • Brian Diffenderfer

    just a done-up drone

  • Curtis Dennison

    A dressed up drone.

  • Jefferey Burnside

    drone on and on and on.

  • 1SG Blue Rebel

    Fake anyone notice the birds flight path when it turned as if it would have flown in front of the craft it vanished. It’s CGI.

  • Carole Nichols

    The size of the bird would make this object actually small.

  • Bosanova

    Fake computer animation added to the video

  • Steven Paige

    For one the amount of detail on it suggest by itself that it was very close to the camera, that alone makes me think drone. But realy people? Ufo? Realy?!

  • Raymond Rash

    have you seen these toys yet get them at most truck stops

  • Darth_Minion

    Agh please…..it’s a kid’s toy.

  • Daniel Parker

    Can’t tell VIDEO remove???????