Video…What Has Been Discovered Is Nothing Short Of Shocking And Pertinent To Every-Single-Human Being On Earth!: Planet X Nibiru Complete Timeline 2015!!!


Evidence suggests that this object (Planet X) has come through our galaxy on a science based timeline that reveals and corresponds to biblical prophecy that has never been understood before, till now.

Earth’s orbit travels through the tail of Nibiru (or Planet X).

Events such as this can only be compared to ancient Biblical stories from Earth’s past that resulted in the complete extinction of complete civilizations – – current projections show that it COULD happen again in 2016.

Within the last few years, a Researcher, Astronomer & Theologian by the name of Gill Broussard has compiled this information and compared it to the Biblical record.

What he has discovered is nothing short of shocking and pertinent to every-single-human being on Earth!

Should even a modest impact (or massive atmospheric explosions) occur, civilization could collapse.

There could be global weather changes.

Earth could even be return to Ice Age conditions – and mass starvation would follow.

Tsunamis, floods, gigantic mud slides and meteorite falls igniting fires over wide areas could occur.



Continents could slightly move and magnetic poles could change magnitude and/or even re-align.

World governments may be aware of this impact threat. International (UN like) and world actions, unusual activity in the financial sector, energy sector and military (Martial Law) sector might be expected prior to this threat.

Massive population relocation to hospitable climates could be required provoking major wars for survival.

Russia, a country most affected, could be preparing, but not alarming, its citizens through its NEWS media by reporting these possibilities, but including the inaccurate ‘Nibiru is a planet’ concept (to lessoning potentially alarming scientific verification of this threat).

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