(Video) What A Drone Found On This Wind Turbine Is Beyond Belief!!


I’m pretty certain you’ve never seen anything like this before and if you’re afraid of heights, this video may not be for you.

A 175-foot-tall wind turbine powers a school in Rhode Island and the school employee who maintains the machine has been using it for something other than producing power.  Brother Joseph Byron, a Benedictine Monk, was caught enjoying his unusual past-time by a drone.  Brother Joseph uses the turbine housing as a place of solitude and to catch a great view of Narragansett Bay.  Western Journalism reports:

“I am hearing from everyone on the planet,” Bryon told the paper in a phone interview from Portsmouth Abbey.

Asked whether he thought relaxing on the turbine was dangerous, Byron said he has never been concerned about falling.

“It is not scary; it is peaceful and the views of the bay are spectacular,” Byron said. “I am not afraid of heights.”

Now this is a man with strong faith in a higher power!


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