Video…Welcome To The World’s Most Deadly Island!!!

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Snake Island is the Deadliest Island in the World. Dangerous & venomous snakes called golden lance-heads completely cover snake island just off the coast in Brazil. The Island is so dangerous that at all times you would be within 3 feet of one of these killer snakes.No civilian’s are allowed on the Island.

Hussein Obama wants to close Gitmo. I saw we don’t close it, we just transfer it from one island, Cuba, to this island. Don’t put the prisoners in cells. Give them free roam of the island. Two problems solved. No more Gitmo and no more terrorist scum.

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byEpic Wildlife

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  • Well, it will not be one of my list places to visit, for sure! Start capturing them and having a big Watermelon and Snake Fry, like we have the Rattlesnake festivals in Oklahoma, lol! Snake is that “other” white meat!


    There was an entire mini series made on that island searching for lost treasure. They had a snake expert with them to guide them through many areas and yes snakes were everywhere.. But the show was made and the crew followed the folks around filming them.