(Video) We Owe Them Our Shirts… We’re Supposed To Believe They Discovered America Too?


The obvious answer is that the Native Americans discovered America… but they weren’t European and they didn’t publicize their discovery to Europeans, so they don’t count, right?  Much evidence suggests that the Norse settled for a short time in Nova Scotia, and that their voyages, as well as those of Irish Saint Brendan the Navigator and possibly of Templar voyages to the Americas may have influenced Christopher Columbus’ famed journey in 1492.  Much of that is speculation… and all on the East Coast.  It seems that some discoveries were made in the West as well…

Some researchers have linked DNA evidence with rock carvings in California, New Mexico, and Arizona to suggest that it was not Cabrillo and Ferrelo who discovered California, but instead may have been Chinese explorers as early as 1300 BC.  Also, ring-shaped stones reminiscent of ancient Chinese anchors have been found off the coast.  Unfortunately, the stone rings are protected from investigation because they very closely resemble some species of coral, and the pictographs may well be Zuni or Apache in origin.  Similarly, DNA samples from tribes in the region reveal Asian origins, though this also should surprise no one given the notion that the first settlers in the Americas came from Asia across a land bridge during the last ice age some 50,000 years ago.

John Ruskamp’s work suggests that the above and following images represent Chinese characters carved into rocks in the Southwest nearly a hundred years before Columbus.  Also pictured is an image of possible 3,000 year old anchors found off the California coast and a short video recapping Ruskamp’s work.

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Perhaps “Who discovered America?” is the wrong question… a better question might be, “Who DIDN’T discover America?”

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