(Video) Water Rationing, Crops Dying And Weird Science


The government is using water trucks to deliver water to the urban neighborhoods and when the trucks arrive in one working class community, Alexander Cabrera says, per Wink News, the residents come running, looking like ants.

Thomas Vilsack, the U.S. Agriculture Secretary, has declared 25% of Puerto Rico’s municipalities disaster zones due to this country being in one of the worst droughts in it’s history.  Puerto Rico became a territory of the United States in 1898 and July 2015 was the fourth driest month since that year.


Almost 13% of Puerto Rico is considered to be in an extreme drought and 38% in a severe drought, with a total 2.5 million people impacted.  Businesses, that may have survived the recent economic collapse, are closing due to the extreme water rationing.  Water has been available only one out of every three days and this will soon be cut back to one out of every four days as the reservoirs are drying up.

With much of the agriculture being dependent on rainfall, this calm Atlantic hurricane season hasn’t been beneficial.  So, Puerto Rico’s water and sewer company will attempt to make it rain by “cloud seeding”.  The experimental project will cost about $200,000.00 and be spread over three months with the desired outcome being rain clouds over three of the main reservoirs.  It’s actually not a bad price tag for rain, if it works.  Of course, this also makes a person wonder if the drought is due to man’s attempts at weather manipulation.


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