Video…Was The Virginia Shooting A Hoax??? Gun Control!!!

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Was The Virginia Shooting A Hoax: Crisis Actors Gun Control “Mission in Life” Exposed (Redsilverj)

by TeamWakeEmUP


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  • Jim No Gooters Brady

    He believes its a hoax because he’s black.

  • Richard Roush

    So,the white hand,of A black guy,shooting blanks and..NO BLOOD AT ALL…AND YOU RETARDS STILL DON’T GET IT…

  • Andres

    Lol you people that believe this was not a hoax are as stupid and ignorant as the people that set this up…the suspected shooter is African american but the hand in the video is white explain that!? That’s 1, and too the shooting was at 6:46 am but her bf must know the future since he tweeted about her saying they just celebrated her 24th bday and what not at 6:32 wow that’s insane that’s 2..and 3 there is no way someone is running away perfectly after getting shot 3-4 times point blank there’s no way comr on people wake up open your eyes to what the government is trying to do…they’re pushing gun control so when marshal law is established we wont be able to fight back..