Video…Warnings Appear From Heaven!!! You Must See As This Is Happening All Across America…



YouTube videographer Jason A, in the video below reveals chilling information about what is happening here in America. Our sovereignty, our freedom has been shoved out the door and replaced with something far worse! From signs in the heavens, to something going down and fast! We have hit high gear….


(Before It’s News)


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  • Bruce Falls

    rain, thunder and lightening are examples of mother nature and climate change and not god’s wrath. get real!


    WOW people wake up! IT is NOT about GOD’s Punishments-As you will know when it is GOD’S wrath as he will reveal himself to ALL in an effort to make the world believe— it is about climate changes caused by these GLOBAL Corporations stripping our planet of the very resources that keep things balanced!! Their greed is causing this NOT the Gay rights… Seriously folks God punishes when you become Dogmatic and practice judgement! Go ahead and read it in the bible it is written for all to see. Our country is being taken over and is imploding so get ready because people will only stand so much then HELL will break loose.

  • john edge

    gods judgement i wanna serve dictator who gonna kill me fuck off with this bs