Video…US Navy Warns The United States To WATCH For End Of Times!!!


Here is the Navy’s map of America after the unidentified object hurling toward us from outer space hits!

by Renee M


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  • jackandjill98983*

    Marlin I agree…you can feel it that something bad is going to happen!

  • Bill Christopher

    OMG.. , We’re all gonna Die……

    • Isschade


    • CQ

      Nobody has gotten out of this world alive yet.

  • Journeys Nonnie

    We are going to be free from this slavery! R u kidding this is great news! Good bye Nazi USSA!
    Now u kno y Obama made that speech at west point and the leaders saying climate chaos in 500 days in May 2014. Good I did not want to be here for the return of the nephlim. Tom Horn and Steve Quayle can give u fast information how through the native Americans the Bible is fact not fiction. We just didn’t get the right copy thanks to the vatican. U dnt have time to read the Septuagint so look them up and get right with Yeshua. Aliens r the fallen angels and watchers Genesis 6. Peace be with you!

    • Colleen Maguire

      I have read a little about the aliens being fallen angels & the nephlim. It was very interesting!

    • JJ OFlaherty

      Aliens – as in Syrians or from another world?

  • Pat Booton

    As bad as some in the U.S. may be, then
    what is in store for ISIS? Sorta throws a blanket on this discussion about democrats being wiped out by nature. By the way, I’m neither a Rep. or a Dem.

  • Yousuck

    Nice ads, makes me want to join up again.

  • Isschade

    Simple… if a meteor is heading our way and we are in IMMEDIATE danger… there’s not a DAMN THING you can do about it so you may as well grab a comfortable chair… HOLD ON TO YOUR LOVED ONES and enjoy the view. It’s that simple.

  • John A Gehrig

    Hope it doesn’t mess up Bike Night!…

  • Kelly

    If, in-fact, this is true… I hope to have enough warning, to be able to gather my wife, kids and grandkids and pray together for joint entry into Heaven togehter.

  • BubbaBrown

    Just like on the airplane, put your head between your legs and kiss your butt goodbye.

  • notmyfault150 ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Wow! I’m going to own some ocean front property!

  • Jens Johnson

    Great, I’ve always wanted beach front property…thought it wasn’t to be, living in the Midwest, but looks like it’s possible.

  • akd

    Elizabeth Warren is a hypocrite she grilled the Wells Fargo CEO for unethical ways what about her friend and buddy Hillary she is supporting her for promotion.Hillary spending 53 times more thenDonlad Trump and if God willing he wins will proove to country and corrupt democrats that money cannot buy elections, so the politicians dont have to spned all their times raising money for elections and do some people’s work for change. Democrats are the corrupt, bought politicians