Video…URGENT! Are The “Closed” Walmarts Being Converted To FEMA Camps?


Walmart has been ensnared in so many conspiratorial plots in the past year alone that the company has proven they cannot be trusted! So, when they come out and claim that they are closing nearly 200 stores due to ‘low earnings’ are they to be trusted? I think not! Did you know that if Walmart were a country, they’d be the 26 largest economy in the world? How can they justify ‘low earnings.’ If you ask me, something more sinister is brewing.

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  • NadRettek

    Let me be the first to say, “YeeeeHaaaw, y’all!”

  • Jim Greene

    I FINALY REMEMBERED IT! Reading this stuff here is like reading the old National Enquirer. I know I’m showing my age but anybody else remember the old rag they use to sell with all the crazy headlines on it? You got it in the super market next to the candy.