(Video) U.S. Air Force Base Nuked, Mega Earthquakes, Man Tells Of His ‘Prophetic Dreams’


The Cascadia, San Andres and New Madrid faults continue to be a part of prophecies and the majority of them begin with a major earthquake originating at the Cascadia subduction zone.  What makes this man’s prophecies a little different from the rest, is his dream that Vanderberg Air Force Base, located on the coast in central California, will be hit with a nuclear bomb.  He says he had the dream in 2001, many years before North Korea’s lunatic leader, Kim Jong-un, started threatening the U.S. with hydrogen bombs.

Whether this man is telling the truth, we’ll never know, but many already believe we’re near the rapture without having confirmed prophetic dreams.

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The dream about Vanderberg Air Base being bombed begins near 31.00 minutes.

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