(Video) Two Men Were About To Start A Beat Down On Her… What She Did To Them Is Shocking


There’s a lot of this stuff out there on YouTube, but this one looks mostly credible.  1) The video is obviously of the argument, not staged for the demonstration.  2) Neither of the arguers displayed the power, so it’s not a “Dragonball” video.  3) The telekinetic is visibly shaken… though the cameraman clearly is not.  What’s your take?

It looks like something straight out of that one Stephen King movie, doesn’t it? Carrie? Do you think it’s real?

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  • ilikai

    Uhhhhh NO, looks too staged, you sure this isn’t from some asian movie? Sure looks it.

  • Rick Manning

    Chinese Carrie

  • steven


  • dougiefresh85

    The Force is strong is LAKAIII!