(Video) Two Cops Beat 3 Month Old Infant Into Vegetative State Because Of This!

3 month old infant baby boy

A husband and wife duo, who both happen to be police officers, have done the unthinkable. They have beaten their beautiful, three month old infant son so badly that he is in a vegetative state. Doctors say the infant is not expected to recover. He is being fed through tubes, and though he is in a coma, they say that they can tell that he is still experiencing pain.

Why would two parents, especially law enforcement officers do such a thing? Because they are white trash pieces of shi# not worthy of drawing breath, that’s why. The accused, Jeffrey Taylor, 45, and Audrey Schurig, 36, both face jail time if convicted. Schurig could get up to ten years, and Taylor could receive 30 years. They were both police officers in the great state of New York, where all those gun control laws are supposed to crack down on violent crimes. Oh wait, cops are allowed to have guns and do what they want. Never mind.

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