(Video) Turkey Murders Kurds Carrying A White Flag, Where Is The World Media??


This video is extremely disturbing, watch with caution.

Footage has emerged of Turkish troops firing on alleged civilians. However, it has also been suggested that PKK terrorists may have been hiding in the civilian crowd started shooting at the soldiers and the panicked soldiers shot back, with any previous footage unaccounted for.

It was reported that people were waving a white flag retrieve already wounded and dead bodies of other alleged civilians who have being lying on the streets.

Either way, makes for amazing viewing as the camera-holder is fired upon with blood spattering on the lens and victims blood prominent of the road. One of the cameramen was allegedly IMC TV reporter, Refik Tekin.

Not much international coverage. Imagine if this was Gaza. Would be headline news around the world.

The most graphic footage referred to above has not been included in this post.

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