(Video) Trump Supporter Calls Out Obama On Being These Two Things, MSM Is Outraged With Trump!!


Once again, the main stream media, who take their orders from the establishment GOP, is enraged and infuriated with Donald Trump.  Although this time it isn’t about something Trump said but what he didn’t say!

Trump was holding a town hall meeting in New Hampshire Thursday night and instead of giving a speech, he opened the meeting up to questions from the attendees.  And the very first question was two direct hits on Obama!  This Trump supporter’s first hit was calling Obummer a Muslim and the second hit was saying Obummer wasn’t an American!  In classic Trump fashion, The Donald ignores these statements and goes on to address the last statement by this man.

So the MSM and the establishment, both left and right, are upset Trump didn’t refute these allegations!  Will they never understand that Trump just doesn’t care what they think?!

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