(Video) Thug Boards Train Starts Stealing Phones- After Number Three They All Whip His A$$



You’re on your way home from a long day at work, minding your own business then, some dead beat thug who can’t even spell the word “job” sticks a gun in your face.  The passengers on this bus decide this thug isn’t going to get away with it and take him out!!

As the bus wound through West Seattle November 25th, video shows Brown getting on and rob at least one woman, flashing a gun in her face and taking her cell phone quietly.  Video then shows Brown approach a man sitting immersed in his own cell phone. As soon as his eyes notice the firearm, he grabs its end, jumps up, rips the gun from the suspects hand and begins throwing punches.  Other riders then help tackle the robber while yelling for police. Roughly five minutes after Brown is subdued by three men, Seattle Police arrive.  As the group disperses, overheard on the video a witness refers to the quick-thinking rider as a “hero”, adding, “nice work fella”.

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  • Harold

    Stupid Groid.

  • 2broke4 her

    must have been a New York transplant and figure the easy pickens. in New York people piss their pants and hand over everything!