(Video) This Creature Washed Ashore In Oregon, What They Did To It Is Absolutely Disgusting!! (Caution, No PETA Viewers Allowed)


Catching sight of one of these creatures in the water is a very rare and having one wash up on a beach is almost never heard of.  Scientists believe it had been dead for two weeks before it hit land and that the strong El Nino may be the reason it was, weakened, emaciated and killed.

The rare blue whale was 78 foot long and still weighed 100 tons when it was found on Oregon’s Gold Beach.  Researchers stripped the blubber and flesh so the skeleton could be displayed.

Shouldn’t this be offensive to someone, where are the protestors?

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  • Ragman69

    What is so disgusting about what they did to the dead animal? If that’s disgusting, we may need to have the SC redefine “disgusting”.