(Video) Think Building A Wall On America’s Southern Border Is A Good Idea? You May Want To See This

The huge haul of marijuana and cocaine is one of the largest ever found underneath the U.S..-Mexican border

Illegals crossing our southern border aren’t just economically devastating for the U.S., most people agree it’s a serious security issue too.  And regardless of what the liberals want you to believe, most of the illegals coming across from Mexico aren’t children looking for a safe place to live but are criminals, drug cartel members and, most likely, terrorists.

While a wall will stop the people coming across our border, it won’t stop Mexico’s number one export to America, the drugs.  A 2,600 foot tunnel has just been found by border agents and it contained seven tons of marijuana and one ton of cocaine.

It kind of seems like a miracle that Hussein Obama is letting our border agents actually do their job.

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