(Video) The West Is On Fire, What Is Our Government Hiding From Us??


A state of emergency has been declared for Washington state that includes 11 counties and many Indian reservations.  Over 70 wildfires are torching thousands of acres and hundreds of homes and businesses in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Montana.  More than 30,000 firefighters, including firefighters from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, are battling these infernos and few are contained.  13 have died in these blazes, with three deaths this past week.  The Army and National Guard have are also fighting these fires.


Just over two years ago, The Washington Examiner reported that Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld of the American Center for Democracy’s Economic Warfare Institute was warning us that economic terrorism by way of wildfires could be occurring.  Her warning was based on a July 2012 article that was published in Al-Qaeda’s English-language online magazine, Inspire, called ‘It Is of Your Freedom to Ignite a Firebomb,’ which featured instructions on how to build a bomb that could set forests on fire.  The following is from the same article:

“A few months later, Russia’s security (FSB) chief, Aleksandr Bortnikov warned, ‘al-Qaeda was complicit in recent forest fires in Europe’ as part of the terrorists’ ‘strategy of a thousand cuts.’ Bortnikov spoke of ‘extremist sites [that] contained detailed instructions of waging the forest jihad and stressed that such a method had proved itself effective as it inflicted both physical and moral damage, needed little training or investment and it was extremely hard for police to find and apprehend the arsonists.’

“Since then, more fatwas advocating that ‘Fire is cheap, easy and effective tool for economic warfare’ have been issued. They’ve included detailed instructions for constructing remote-controlled ’ember bombs, and how to set fires without leaving a trace.'”

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