(Video) If You Live In One Of These States, You Should Probably Do This Now!!


Because if you wait until the last minute, millions of people will be rushing to beat the deadline.  Heads up people in Minnesota, New Mexico, Illinois, Missouri and Washington state, (along with the U.S. territory of American Samoa), the Department of Homeland security has finally decided to start enforcing a post-September 11 law directing federal agencies to only accept state issued identification that meets federal security standards that were enacted in 2005.  Your IDs will no longer be accepted by the TSA for air travel meaning you’ll need a passport to fly.

Of course, this isn’t effective until January 2018.  In typical federal government fashion, it’s taken them 10 years to decide they’re going to actually enforce a law and two more years before they actually do it.  Does this surprise you at all?

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