Video…The Seat of Satan Comes To Life and Pergamon Awakes! One of the Greatest End Times Mysteries Unravels Like Never Before!!!


The great mystery of Pergamon, the Seat of Satan, comes to life and is explained like never before in this stunning, mind-blowing video.  Ancient history is connected to Bible prophecy and the coming Antichrist in such a way, you will be nothing short of amazed! See how Pergamon is awakening right now as one of the greatest end times mysteries is unraveled!


As we approach the end times, people are drawing the parallels between history and prophecy. One such mystery he’s diving into is that of Pergamon, where a “gigantic” altar of Zeus was placed. As recently as 2005, tourists could see the remains of the altar.

“Now when you read the book of Revelation, and it speaks about Pergamon, you read in Revelation where it says Pergamon is the place of the throne of Satan,” Cahn says. 

In a previous video, Cahn explained how the Dark Angel was the spirit behind the great idols of history—Baal, Ares, Mars. Now, he tackles if Satan himself is behind the patriarch of Greek mythology.  —Charisma News

And, in case you missed this latest breaking news, check out this video about what was just ‘accidentally’ released in Russia and how it relates to end times Bible prophecy!

USA May Be In Serious Trouble As the Most Terrifying Weapon Ever Is ‘Accidentally’ Exposed!

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