Video…The Elite Have Prepared For the Coming Economic Collapse! Have You?


The fact that a crash of biblical proportions is coming should be common sense, and not sound crazy to people. All it takes is a little common sense, and some third grade arithmetic to tell you that 99.9% of what you are being told is either a LIE, or only part of the information. FACT: We have LESS people working now than any point in history over THE LAST 67 YEARS. Does that sound good to you? We have 94 MILLION people on some form of government welfare out of only about 300 MILLION citizens. 94 MILLION not working divided by 300 MILLION total people is what? That is UNEMPLOYMENT OF 31.33%. That’s great depression numbers. Just because Obama tells you it’s 5.5%, how about a little follow-though huh? My goodness. 

by VoiceOfReason

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