(Video) Texas-Mexico Border, June 2015… Aliens or Jade Helm Drone?


Quintero and Jose Salvador from Brownsville, Texas captured this unidentified object (that certainly appears to be flying…) in HD.  Looks like some new kind of drone to me, though I cannot place it… perhaps it is something new.  Perhaps something tied to Jade Helm?  We’ve all seen UFOs on video, but these shocking recent images will leave you wondering if the invasion is not already underway.

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  • Laurie Hurst

    Nice try on the attempt of at a secret drone. But your source didn’t do a very good job to disquise the magneto assembely they got from an old junker. I loved the baby moon hub cap attached to the top. They did do an excellent job cleaning it up. And it would help if you cleaned up the coqui frogs chirping in the background. You’re leaking you’re location, I’ll take a stab at somewhere in the Hawaiian islands?
    If Jade Helm 15 turns out to be true, we don’t need meatheads like you turning it into a friggin joke.