(Video) Taxi Drivers Are Picking Up Lost Spirits That Have Been Wandering for YEARS


“Have I died?”  That’s not the kind of question taxi drivers expect to hear from a fare, but it’s one of the eerie questions a driver said he was asked by a young woman he had picked up.  The young woman told him where she wanted to go and when he pointed out the area was deserted, she asked “Have I died?” then disappeared as he turned to look at her.

Tohoku Gakuin, a Japanese sociology student, asked over 100 taxi drivers in Ishinomaki, an area in Japan where about 6,000 people died in the 2011 Japanese tsunami if they’d had any experiences with ghosts.  Only seven were willing to tell her of their experiences with the ghosts.

One driver said he picked up a young man who kept pointing ahead and saying “Hiyoriyama”, which means mountain.  Then when they got there, the man had disappeared.

Personally, I have no trouble believing this.  The disaster happened so quickly, with so much confusion and chaos, it would’ve been easy for spirits to have gotten lost.  Do you believe there are lost souls trying to find their way home?

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