Video…Something Strange Is Happening Across America—When You Find Out What You’ll Have a Deep Desire To Prepare!!!

 o-mall1-900“Empty”, that is the word to describe the countless malls, shopping centers, office buildings and other stores across America which are shutting their doors due to the economy diving, and all this is happening as our government continues to lie to the populace, stating that our economy is headed in the right direction. Meanwhile the debt clock strikes past midnight, and multiple economists are sounding the alarm to the masses.

To be frank, either something strange is happening across America or we are already living in the beginning of the next Great Depression.

The video below reveals what the government doesn’t want you to know about these closing centers and how bad things really are. Please don’t miss this critical report:

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According to Off The Grid News Here are 16 companies that have closed stores or will before early 2015:


1. Office supply company Staples has announced plans to close 225 stores by 2015, which is about 15 percent of its chain. Staples already closed 40 stores last year. Industry analysts expect Staples’ main competitor, Office Depot, which bought OfficeMax last year, to announce its own round of store closings soon.


2. Radio Shack has announced plans to close 20 percent of its stores this year, which is as many as 1,100 stores. The company, which operates around 4,000 stores, reported that its sales fell by 19 percent last year.


3. Albertsons closed 26 stores in January and February according to Supermarket News. Analysts expect many more Albertsons could soon be shuttered because Albertsons owner hedge fund Cerberus Capital Management just bought Safeway Inc. Some Safeway stores could soon shut down as well.

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4. Clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is planning to close 220 stores by the end of 2015. The company is also planning to shut down an entire chain it owns, Gilly Hicks, which has 20 stores, 24/7 Wall Street reported.


5. Barnes & Nobles is planning to shut down one third of its stores in the next year: about 218 stores. The chain has already closed its iconic flagship store in New York City.


6. J.C. Penney is closing about 33 stores and laying off about 2,000 employees.

7. The Record newspaper in New Jersey reported that Toys R Us has plans to close 100 stores.


8. The Sweetbay Supermarket chain will close all 17 of the stores it operates in the Tampa Bay area, The Herald Tribune newspaper reported. Many of the stores might open as Winn-Dixie Stores. Sweetbay closed 33 stores in Florida last year.


9. The entire Loehmann’s chain of discount clothing stores in the New York City area shut down. Loehmann’s once operated 39 stores, The New York Times reported, and was considered an institution by generations of New Yorkers.


10. Industry analyst John Kernan told CNN that he expects Sears Holdings, which owns both Sears and Kmart, to close another 500 stores this year. Sears has already shut down its flagship store in Chicago.


11. Quiznos has filed for bankruptcy, USA Today reported, and could close many of its 2,100 stores.


12. Sbarro which operates pizza and Italian restaurants in malls, is planning to close 155 locations in the United States and Canada. That means nearly 20 percent of Sbarro’s will close. The chain operates around 800 outlets.

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13. Ruby Tuesday announced plans to close 30 restaurants in January after its sales fell by 7.8 percent. The chain currently operates around 775 steakhouses across the US.


14. An unknown number of Red Lobster stores will be sold. The chain is in such bad shape that the parent company, Darden Restaurants Inc., had to issue a press release stating that the chain would not close. Instead Darden is planning to spin Red Lobster off into another company and sell some of its stores.


15. Ralph’s, a subsidiary of Kroger, has announced plans to close 15 supermarkets in Southern California within 60 days.


16. Safeway closed 72 Dominick’s grocery stores in the Chicago area last year.


Also according to Retail Info System News here are retailers (listed by number of store closings and date), including downsizing and company bankruptcies: 

Retailer: Store Closings: Completion:
Office Depot/OfficeMax 400 By 2016
Wet Seal 338
Deb Shops 300
Body Central 265
Staples 225 Through 2015
Barnes & Noble 223 Through 2023
RadioShack 200 Through 2017
Abercrombie & Fitch 180 By 2015
Aeropostale 175
“Over the next several years”
Through January 2015
American Eagle Outfitters 150 Through 2017
Target Canada (bankruptcy) 133
Sears 77 2015
Coach 70 Fiscal 2015
Pep Boys 63 “In the coming years”
Golf Galaxy 54 By 2016
Express 50 Through 2015
Guess 50 Through 2015
JCPenney 40
Build-A-Bear 25 Through 2015
Macy’s 15



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  • Syberlink

    Obama and his supporters tells us this is the best economy ever in America.

  • We all have the Affirmative Action President to thank for a failed economy! I still remember the Jobs Council Obama formed in 2009, that was going to get America going again, but between golf and vacations, Obama never met with them and in 2010 sent them all home, not one job produced, not one meeting with them, nothing but wasted money and a bucket of LIES as usual! Hussein, the Kenyan Queen, was actually the Founder of Black LIES Matter!

    • Ajit Patel

      What an absolutely ridiculous and ignorant statement. Do you remember what October 2008 looked like? Do you even know that not only this country but the entire world’s economy was in a global meltdown? That the real estate market’s bottom had fallen off? That we were losing 1.2 Million jobs a month. Do you recall who the president was then? Should I remind you? That is what this president inherited. Do you even have a clue as to how to not only stop the meltdown but what it takes for then revive it and turn it around?

      Of course not? What can be expected of ignorant, illiterate, clueless racist, islamophobic idiot who probably never had a job that required more than running a till at a supermarket.

      • That was all government LIES that you fell for like the Fool you have proved yourself to be! I know we were almost $10 Trillion in debt in 2008, that took over 200 years to build up to, and in seven of the Muslim Homosexual Queen rule, we are almost at $20 Trillion debt! Now, take your head out of your rectum and breath some fresh air, your mind is totally muddled! I bet your an Islamic Pig also, huh? Islam and Liberalism or both the Syphilis of the Soul and Islam’s Allah is nothing more than Satan himself. All Pigs of Islam will burn in Hell with their Allah/Satan, along with Sinners! Now, eat my Pork!

      • uscust

        You suck

  • Lance Freedlund

    It’s so obvious. This began 20 years ago when corporate CEO’s realized in the booming economy they could start giving themselves huge bonuses by cutting employee pay and sending jobs overseas, outsourcing and buying parts elsewhere. Wall street investors were going to town in the deregulated stock market, and were gambling away with derivatives and other investment products, making huge profits. Gee whiz, suddenly the lower classes had no money, who would have thunk it? Without money to spend their stores and outlet malls had no customers. This is all about short sighted greed, but the article is correct, the economy is collapsing. As a teacher I can tell you teens have no hope, and don’t give a rat’s ass about what we have to teach.

  • Mikal

    With all this and more to come, how can unemployment be only 4.9 percent? There to be a numbers fix somewhere.

    • Al Parsons

      Once a persons unemployment has run out, he/she is dropped off the role of “unemployed”, thus the improper percentages of “unemployed”. If you add in all the folks who are no longer getting unemployment checks, the long term unemployed and the folks who have given up looking for any employment at all, the actual rate is closer to 15%.