(Video) Shoot-Out!! Cop Vs. Moped Rider Caught On Dash Cam!!


A police officer pulled over a man on a moped early Friday morning for the minor violation of having no license plate.  Unfortunately, Deputy Christopher Lester didn’t know the man, Andrew Coffee, was a four-time convicted felon who had just been released from prison after serving time for a 1993 conviction of attempted murder.

This shoot-out was caught on dash cam so there’s no way anyone can even attempt to say “police brutality”.  The worthless thug throws a sucker punch, then stands over the deputy and shoots but the Deputy is able to shoot back.

Sheriff Deryl Loar said Coffee attempted to kill the officer who was shot in the leg. However, Lester, 26, was released from the hospital later Friday. The officer, who has been with the department since 2014, is engaged to be married. 

“As he knocked Deputy Lester down with a sucker punch, he continued to stand over him and attempt to end his life”, Loar told reporters.  “It reminds us of the dangers that are faced every day in law enforcement. It is a war on the streets, and we sick and tired of it.”

Coffee has had 11 felony arrests with four convictions and five misdemeanor arrests with three convictions, which leads us to ask, what the f*%k was he even doing out of prison?

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