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BREAKING UPDATE:  26 April 2016:

We ran this original story when the news broke about six months. Unfortunately, it just ended in tragedy for one of the hostages. Canadian hostage John Ridsdel has been beheaded by Aby Sayyaf terrorists on a small island off the coast of the Southern Island of Mindanao in the Philippines

And now, for the original piece:

What man doesn’t fantasize of the smoking hot, dark skinned little Pacific Island beauty, who he can spend the rest of his days with, under the mango tree on the beach, sipping coconut juice or ice cold beer? So what if she barely speaks English. She’s so good at so many other things, and we didn’t come here to talk, anyway, did we?

This fantasy can be and is often lived out by older, mostly divorced Western men in the Philippines. The land of ‘little brown beauties’ where white skin is indicative of instantly being able to get laid by barely legal beauties in their attempt to escape poverty.

However, there’s a catch. The people of the Philippines are very, very cunning, and what you see is rarely what you get. Sure, they always welcome foreigners with big friendly smiles, but usually, the bigger the smiles, the bigger their plans for you.

The Philippines is a typical, third world peasant nation where the people do almost anything (except work) for money. Sex tourism is one of the major financial draws, as is kidnapping for ransom. Often, beautiful Filipinas will lure Western men into relationships, introducing their husbands as their brothers or cousins, and then once trust is fully established, the Westerner will be kidnapped and held for ransom. This happened just a few days ago on a very small island off the coast of the City of Davao, which sits on the Bay of Davao on the southern most island of Mindanao.

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From The New York Times:

A group of 11 men posing as tourists kidnapped four people from a Philippine island resort on Monday, a military spokesman said on Tuesday.

The victims were identified as Robert Hall and John Ridsdel, both ofCanada, and Kjartan Sekkingstad, of Norway, said the spokesman, Capt. Alberto Caber. The identity of the fourth victim, a woman from thePhilippines, has not yet been confirmed, he said.

Notice how in the report from the Times, the identity of the Filipina woman, the escort of the men had “not been confirmed?” That is because she is part of the kidnapping, and the Filipino officials know it, but they are not going to announce that to the rest of the world. Again, Filipinos are very, very cunning and view foreigners as income streams, not human beings, and to admit the Filipina’s role in the abduction would be bad for business. The local police or Government officials are almost always in on the kidnappings, making sure the criminals are not caught or prosecuted in exchange for a percentage of the ransom money when it is paid.  It is business in the Philippines as usual.

Also stated further down in the article from the Times:

“The majority of kidnappings in the Philippines are committed by criminal organizations and not by terrorist or insurgent groups,” Mr. Williams said. “It is a cash-and-carry business in the Philippines.”

So, lonely, older men in the West who may at this time be chatting online with one of these young, brown skinned little beauties, sending part of your social security or pension check to her each month via Western Union, because she’s convinced you she’s got all these problems (namely, a worthless, drunken husband with no work ethic who more than likely beats her if she doesn’t come home from the internet cafe with the Western Union receipts and a bottle of Tanduay Rum), you’d be best to cease and desist right now, and whatever you do, do NOT allow her to lure you to that tropical island, despite how good she looks in that little bikini, because her husband (yes, she really does have one, no matter what she’s told you), and her brothers await! If you’re going to go, make sure you prepare your ransom money before hand.

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  • Pamela

    My father is married to a Filipino and YES she confirmed it does happen there ! Thank God he got one of the good ones

  • RodneyandWilma Bucholtz

    The first time I went to the phillipines had my wifes sister in law driver give us a ride to tagatay he said he knew of a place that we could eat and look over the bay well when we got to tagatay he picked up 2 other friends of his and took us to this one house which was dark and all gated in the 2 friends went n was talking with people inside they had us go to the side and would let us in there once we drove to the side hairs on back of my neck stood up and I had a strong feeling something was not right the place looked like a fortress all locked n gated up and dark told the driver while his 2 friends were away from vehicle he better drive and get us away from that place. I know I could of handled the three guys outside the gate but I didn’t know what or who was inside the gate Had the driver drop us off and one hotel n he said he be back after he took his friends home we walked to a different hotel where he didn’t know where we was I had my wife her daughter her other sister in law and her sis n laws daughter with me

    • RodneyandWilma Bucholtz

      Thank God for my military training and coming from a family of police officers