(Video) Second 4.0 Earthquake Hits San Francisco Bay Area Within Four Weeks!! Aftershocks Continue!!


The last major earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area happened at 7:53 a.m. on October 21, 1868.  It’s called “The Hayward Earthquake” and the magnitude is estimated to have been 6.8-7.0.  A ground rupture was traced for 20 miles, damages were reported for about 130 miles and 30 people were killed.

The last major earthquake on the Hayward Fault occurred in 1868, Keith Knudsen, of the Earthquake Science Center said, and added that such temblors usually take place roughly every 150 years. It’s been 147 years so seismologists wouldn’t be “surprised” if such an earthquake were to strike the area in the future.

Sounds like the Bay Area may be the first to go tumbling into the sea.  A 4.0 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area at 6:49 this morning making it the second earthquake to register as a 4.0 magnitude within the past month.  The epicenter of this earthquake is the Piedmont area of Oakland, CA and was caused by movement on the Hayward Fault, the same fault of the 4.0 magnitude earthquake that just hit July 21 2015.  And the aftershocks are continuing with NBC Bay Area reporting there have been 34 ranging from .9 to 2.39 magnitude.

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