(Video) Scientist From Area 51 Makes Confession Of Truth On His Deathbed


Boyd Bushman was one of the scientists who dealt with the findings of the ‘alien crash site’ of Area 51, just north of Roswell, in the New Mexican desert back in 1947. He carried the secret of what really happened all the way to his deathbed, where just before passing, he came out with the truth. He felt the truth behind what happened that fateful night was too important not to let the world know about it.

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  • Evelyn

    I believe him. All the technology advances throughout the world in the last 100 years makes us think that we are so smart! But if we think we are the smartest race of people throughout the Milky Way, I think we’d better think again! I also believe that ‘aliens’ mean us no harm – they have the wherewithal to have done that already!!

    • John Munro

      If you are correct and they mean us no harm? consider all the people who have ever encountered on did they say how nice they were ? did they explain how they had emotional problems after meeting them? http://www.mt.net/~watcher/noah.html

      • Ryan Tracey

        The people that say they were abducted and returned didn’t think they were mean…But the ones who didn’t return have a different feeling…

  • mcdonnal

    Come on, they are cute and cuddly little people. They do not have a mean bone in their little bodies, providing they even have bones. Can’t we all just get along? Look at those big innocent eyes. How can you not like them?

  • dawndalyce

    I wonder if they are from space, or middle earth, or under sea?