Video…Scientist Blows the Cover on This Bizarre Phenomenon Taking the World By Surprise: Vile Vortices, Nephilim Portals, Bermuda Triangle, Disappearances and More Frightening Truths about the Devils Graveyard You Need To Hear!!!


A few weeks ago History Channel 2 aired a program called “Bermuda Triangle Reveled: The Devils Graveyard.” This documentary not only caught my attention but sparked my curiosity. It portrayed the 12 vile vortices supposedly scattered throughout the globe in specific locations that are believed to cause strange phenomena such as bizarre animal attacks, strange weather, disappearances, and more. One of the most famous of these locations is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. Other locations include: the North and South Pole, the Devil’s Sea (aka: Dragon’s Triangle), Easter Island, Zimbabwe Megaliths, Hamakulia (near Hawaii), Mohenjo-daro, Algerian Megaliths, South Atlantic Anomaly, New Hebrides Trench (near Fiji Island), and the Wharton Basin.

It is at these locations that reports reveal electromagnetic “aberrations” which many believe are causing these strange anomalies. In the video below I dive into not only the working behind these mysterious vortices but also what a scientist reveals about this unique phenomenon…..

Here are a clip from the H2 documentary that are rather interesting…

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