(Video) Roseburg, Oregon Patriot Has Obama In His Crosshairs!!



This guy lets Obama have it with both barrels and is a true patriot, saying what so many of us believe.  “We haven’t even identified bodies and we’ve got incident command trying to contain the scene and he’s holding a press conference 3,000 miles from here…”.  David Jaques, Publisher of the Roseburg Beacon and resident of Roseburg, has made his feelings for Obama, and the anti-second amendment agenda, clear, neither are welcome in his town where the Umpqua Community College shootings happened.


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  • Andrewdrew

    Yep. this is another case of Obama-haters being the biggest racists, bigots, black-hating extremists in America today. This is ALL

    because he is black, Bar None.

    As an Oregon resident that lives fairly close to Roseburg. I love that
    the President is coming to meet with families. Listen, he’s just as
    frustrated and outraged about the violence in school shootings. He’s
    angry, he wants CHANGE. It’s not about politics, it’s about his own
    beliefs that he wants tighter restrictions because he wants this to END.
    It’s not about the politics, this is Obama’s outlet for his
    frustration. He DOESNT want to see these things happen to push an
    agenda. Some of you all are mad ignorant.

    There are so many fucking crazies in Oregon. Particularly pro-gun
    crazies. Oregon is liberal, sure. But it’s also VERY conservative in
    many areas.

    David Jaquese can speak for himself. As for me? I’d much rather have
    David move away than not have the President go visit those poor

    I’m sick of you racist and bigots demeaning the President, and acting like Klansman Trump will brush his fake hair and save the whole entire world by being a racist, bigoted loud-mouth. How is this for NON-PC:

    Anyone who calls Obama a Traitor is a Racist idiot

    Anyone who calls Obama a Marxist is a Racist idiot

    Anyone who calls Obama a a Muslim is a Racist idiot

    Anyone who calls Obama a Communist is a racist idiot.

    Anyone who calls Obama illegal from Kenya is a racist idiot.

    Anyone who calls Obama a destroyer is a racist idiot.
    Were you screaming as loud at Reagan when he was funding nic by
    selling arms to Iran. Or are you a typical republican that forgot all
    about his treasonous ways.

    Not patriots, just plain ol’ racists.

    Racists. Racists. Racists.

    • Brian K Sizemore

      Listen here you racist bastard, any gov’t employee who attempts to remove a amendment is a traitor to all of the people of America, even your ignorant ass. This man has been spreading racism since the day after he got to office. Open your eyes. Racism is being used to separate the people, because our strength comes from being united. The NWO AND UN want globalization and that’s who Obama works for. In this country we get a vote in the direction it goes. I have no memory of the vote to join this globalization , have you? We either have governance by principles we the majority agree on or we have tyranny. Today a Tyrant sits in the White House

      • Stan Jones

        And you are an idiot.

  • booth1860

    The little colored boy has been nothing but a joke since day one! He’s a post turtle!

  • you_see_what_happens_larry

    Roseburg apparently is Oregon’s toilet, the place where the ignorant gutter trash go to live. What a group of Tea Party bigots. They have a mass shooting and all these zips can think about is parading around with weapons. It is an open air mental ward.


  • you_see_what_happens_larry

    After the tea party jerks were at the airport with their firearms, I imagine every tourist in the country will know what these tourist found out in 2009:


  • you_see_what_happens_larry

    Do any of you zips recognize your neighbors from the photos in the national press? Perhaps you can help the FBI match up photos with names so that federal law enforcement can get a bead on those you’d show up packing heat at the arrival of the President of the United States. You guys should be deported.