(Video) Reports Claim Mickey Rourke’s Boxing Match Was Staged

boxing mickey rourke

Several months ago, tough guy acting legend Mickey Rourke made headline news when he won a professional boxing match, at the age of 62, against an opponent half his age, 29 year old Elliot Seymour. However, news has recently come out that the fight was all but staged, in that Elliot, a homeless man and ‘professional opponent,’ was paid to take a dive. It’s the type of unspoken agreement that isn’t talked about, but everyone involved understands completely. Critics claim that an infant could telegraph Rourke’s punches, because they are so slow, and that it would be best if he’d stick to acting. For a replay of the second round TKO, watch the video below and see if you think the fight was staged, and follow us for more on the Consciously Enlightened Facebook page.

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