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Breaking: New World Reserve Currency Backed By Gold Revealed



In the video below, Alex Jones explains what many of us have been screaming about for a few years now… that the U.S. Dollar losing it’s reign as the World Reserve Currency. For decades, many foreign governments, particularly out allies, gave the United States all THEIR gold for safe keeping, because we were the mightiest and most secure country on earth. Now, the whole world (except Obama and Biden) knows that we are much worse off than Greece as the planet’s largest debtor, and now they want their gold back. Good luck with that one. That gold is LONG gone. 



I wrote the following in, Deathblow to the Dollar – Even Our “Allies” Abandoning U.S.:

This generation of Americans has no concept of what losing that status will mean to our way of life. That’s because they’ve never known life here in the U.S. as anything other than the Reserve Currency. Being the Reserve Currency has been an ongoing scam on the rest of the world, and the rest of the world has finally caught on. Other countries pay their workers crap wages to make OUR products, and then LEND us the money to buy the products THEY produce. It was only a matter of time before all these other countries figured out they didn’t need to keep funding OUR extravagance at THEIR expense. 


Being the world Reserve Currency has given America special privileges and ENORMOUS power. Our status has allowed us to borrow money at rates a fraction of our “ALLIES.” With everything being denominated in U.S. Dollars, it gave the United States control in everyone else’s financial affairs. It appears everyone else got tired of it. Furthermore, whenever trouble has struck, America has just started up the printing press. Since taking office, Obama has printed approximately $85 BILLION PER MONTH OUT OF THIN AIR. By joining China’s new bank discussed below, our “ALLIES,” and the rest of the world, have sent a CLEAR message to America: 


As the author below states, The blows to America’s economic might are descending rapidly and forcibly. Brace yourself: A new economic age is about to begin.” The infrastructure is being built for a world without the United States. China’s new long-awaited international payment system could go live as early as September or October. The new payment system will allow nations and companies to conduct transactions outside America’s control. Furthermore, America’s financial house will be in such disarray, some have said WITHIN ONE YEAR OF THE ECONOMIC CRASH, 9 OUT OF 10 AMERICANS WILL BE DEAD. 




Back on April 25th, Zero Hedge reported:

Last Monday there was a meeting in Washington hosted by the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) to discuss the future relationship, if any, of gold with the Special Drawing Rights (SDR).

Also on the agenda was the inclusion of the Chinese renminbi, which seems certain to be included in the SDR basket in this year’s revision, assuming that the United States doesn’t try to block it.

This is not the first time the subject has come up. OMFIF’s chairman, Lord Desai wrote a paper about it after the last Washington meeting on gold and the SDR exactly four years ago. The inclusion of the renminbi in the SDR was rejected in 2010 because of inadequate liquidity and is due to be reconsidered this year.

Desai pointed out in his paper that there are difficulties when it comes to including gold, because (and I think this is what he was trying to say) none of the SDR’s paper constituents are convertible into gold, but gold’s inclusion in the SDR would make them convertible through the back door. However, Desai seemed keen to re-examine the case for gold.

It should be pointed out that if gold is included in SDRs the arrangement cannot be long-lasting so long as the major central banks insist on printing money as an economic cure-all. However, China’s position with respect to gold and her own currency could be a different matter.

The Chinese government has almost certainly accumulated large amounts of gold yet to be included in her reserves, and she has also encouraged her own citizens to own gold as well. We can therefore be certain that China sees a monetary role for gold while at the same time she is pushing for the renminbi to be included in the SDR basket. There is no doubt, if you read the IMF papers from the last SDR review in 2010 that the renminbi does now fulfil the criteria for inclusion today. So the question then is will the advanced nations, which dominate the IMF’s membership, permit the renminbi’s inclusion, and will the US, which has dragged its heels on giving China and the other BRICS nations a greater shareholding in the IMF, relent and permit these reforms, which were accepted by the other members back in 2010?

The Americans’ blocking of reform signals her desire to preserve the dollar’s hegemony; but given she lost out spectacularly over the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, IMF reform could become the next serious threat to the dollar’s dominance. And if America does not back down over the IMF and the SDR, she will have no fall-back position; China on the other hand still has some aces up her sleeve.

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One of them is gold, and another is her role in a rival organization established by the BRICS. The New Development Bank (NDB) is in the final stages of being set up, driven by frustration at America’s attempts to protect the dollar’s role and to keep the IMF as an exclusive club for advanced nations. Instead, the NDB could easily issue its own version of the SDR with the gold lining Desai referred to in his original paper

The reason this would work is very simple. The BRICS members, unencumbered by the cost burden of modern welfare states could exercise the monetary restraint required to tie their currencies to gold, perhaps running a Bretton-Woods-style gold-exchange arrangement between member central banks to stabilise their currencies.

However, the NDB would almost certainly want to see the gold price considerably higher if it is to play any part in a new rival to the SDR. Other BRICS members would be encouraged to make sure they have sufficient gold on board by selling US dollar reserves to buy gold, ahead of any decision to go ahead with a new super-currency.

It would appear the era of the dollar’s global domination as a reserve currency is coming to an end,and the stage is now being set for gold to be officially accepted as the ultimate reserve money once again, this time by the next generation of advanced nations.

Zero Hedge Reports: As many are increasingly coming to terms with the ‘obvious failure of fiat currency’, the inevitable question arises “what next?” Earlier this year, we discussed the possibility of a Chinese- or Russian-currency backed by gold, amid the increasing calls (domestically and abroad) for an end to USD Reserve hegemony; but this weekend, as Bloomberg reports, Lord Meghnad Desai, chairman of The Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, stated that IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) should contain some gold to help stabilize the currency.

As Bloomberg reports,

“A bit of gold” could help stabilize SDRs, Lord Meghnad Desai, chairman of Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, says at precious metals conference in Dubai.

“We could ask that gold be nominated as part of the SDR. That is one thing I think is quite likely to happen”

This will be easier if China increases its official gold holdings.

*  *  *

This is not the first time such a suggestion has been made…(as JC Collins of detailed)

The Coming SDR Gold Standard

Sometimes what at first appears to be conflicting information is anything but, and what was originally considered to be opposing forces or ideals can quickly become unified for the greater good.

There has been much discussion and division over whether the world was moving towards a multilateral super-sovereign reserve currency by way of the Special Drawing Right of the International Monetary Fund or towards a new gold standard by which all currencies would be valued once again on gold.

Positions have taken up defense on both sides and all waited to see which side was going to be right.  Were the BRICS countries going to overthrow the western banking cabal?  Was the US dollar going to inflate into oblivion?  Was the SDR going to become the new reserve currency?  Was a new gold standard going to be implemented instead?

So many questions with no clear outline or determinations on what exactly was going to happen.

I have contested all along that the SDR was going to become the super-sovereign reserve currency of the emerging multilateral financial system.  The supporters of a new gold standard have found this idea unworkable because gold is considered to be the only method of creating stability within the larger architecture of the global financial system.

But what if everyone is right?  Or more correctly, what if all the obvious points and leverage of each potential system can be utilized to create the larger macro stability from which the multilateral will inevitably emerge?

In the post Renminbi is Already a De Facto Reserve Currency, I discussed how the Chinese currency was being internationalized and would be added to the SDR basket valuation.

This basket is currently made up of four currencies, being the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the Euro, and the British pound.  Adding the renminbi to the basket is both important and necessary for any changes to the global financial architecture.

But this theory has never accounted for the importance obviously placed on gold and the manipulation and mass movement of the precious metal which has taken place over the last few years.

No doubt the gold moving east has a lot to due with balancing old sovereign bond debts and building up reserves to support the renminbi denominated contracts which have just begun at the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

But this doesn’t fully explain the demand by other countries for gold, such as Russia and India, or even Germany demanding its gold back from the United States.

But nether does a gold standard fit the facts as all participating countries and economies have stated in official publications and speeches that a new gold standard is unworkable and the SDR provided the best opportunity moving forward to balance the financial structure of the world.

In posts such as:

The Rise of the World Empire

Everything Will Be SDR Compliant

The Days of July – BRICS Still Seek SDR Solution

The Arcane SDR Supra-Sovereign Asset

I have attempted to explain and describe how the BRICS countries are aligned with the larger macro mandates of the SDR multilateral system and do not plan on overthrowing the western banks.  It is in fact a situation where the western and eastern banks are all controlled by the Bank for International Settlements.

It is interesting that over the last few days even certain conspiracy theorists which have been promoting the overthrow of the western banking cabal are now stating that the BIS and its central bank system will remain

In most of my more esoteric posts I explain how the human mind seeks out division and from that division is born conflict.  Once symbols of division have been established it is almost impossible to shift the thinking of each position to see or observe a larger or more unified macro picture.

But once that realization is made the conscious thought pattern of all things takes a leap forward and what was once hidden in plan site becomes clearly visible and clarity resumes.

As we move closer to the end of this year and the ultimate point of transition to the multilateral, it is important to continue studying and observing the patterns which are taking place on the micro level.  These proxy resource wars and attempts to consolidate resources under regional currencies before the larger macro consolidation takes place will likely taper off as agreements are made and positions relinquished.

The US Congress will pass the required legislation to enact the 2010 IMF Code of Reforms which will allow for the necessary changes to the Executive Board of the IMF to take place.  This will also allow for the SDR basket to be opened and the renminbi and gold will be added to the overall valuation.

So once completed, the SDR basket valuation will consist of the following stores of value:

US Dollar

Japanese Yen

British Pound



and Gold.

From this point we need to study and observe the massive amount of Sovereign Wealth Funds which litter the background of the international financial architecture.

Energy exporters and pacific rim economies which have undervalued currencies have been pouring investment into SWF’s.   These funds are in a perfect position to promote the use of the SDR as a unit of account and store of value.

In the coming months and years you will see Sovereign Wealth Funds begin to purchase large amounts of SDR denominated bonds and securities.  This is likely where the solution to the derivatives issue will be found.  Somewhere in between Sovereign Wealth Funds and SDRM – Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism, will be found the answer.

This will be the “reserve dollar” exit strategy for central banks and national treasuries.

*  *  *

Interested readers can study the following paper published by the University of Glasgow, titled Adding Gold into the Valuation of the SDR.and Collins encourages a strong review of the following document on FINAL+Vision_Sovereign_Wealth_Funds.  Especially section three, titled Sovereign Wealth Funds, Special Drawing Rights, and the New Global Financial Architecture.

*  *  *

As we concluded previously,

Some argue that “no other global currency is ready to replace the U.S. dollar.” That is true of other paper and credit currencies, but the world’s monetary authorities still hold nearly 900 million ounces of gold, which is enough to restore, at the appropriate parity, the classical gold standard: the least imperfect monetary system of history.

As the global currency war escalates, we suspect the answer to “what comes next” will come sooner than many think.


By: Voice of Reason