(Video) Racist Black Woman Demands Free Water From 7-11 Because Her Ancestors Were Slaves

racist black woman

Okay, this makes a lot of sense. This woman goes off on these cashier’s because they are from another country, telling them everything that is wrong with their race, and demands free water because her ancestors were slaves. WTF?

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  • Vairy

    She wants to buy the store but who is going to work? Her? lol This lady is crazy..

  • One loud mouthed, PIG FAT, Racist Obama Skank Pavement Ape! They show their ignorance anytime they open their mouths! Hell, Obama still thinks we have 57 states!

    • Deborah Morris Coleman


  • boogsmama

    go find a damn mud puddle bitch. NOBODY owes you a damn effin’ thing!!!

  • boogsmama

    OMFG stupid cow don’t have money for a cup of water but she gets her “nails and hair did” every week I bet. STUPID BITCH.

  • Snootyelites

    The weird thing is this woman thinks immigrants owned her ancestors as slaves. I don’t blame her – that’s what public schools teach. Anyone that came to US in the last 50 years are told they are the beneficiaries of slavery. Obama’s – you didn’t build that meme continues. Angry blacks need serious examination of their souls.

    In Ferguson they looted many immigrant stores.

    The owners of this shop appears to be Indians from Uganda – they probably got kicked out by Idi Amin – so they ended up in the US long time ago.

    Angry Black people need serious awakening. This is not what Martin Luther King fought for. By all means fight discrimination. But don’t demand rights to something you don’t own – especially from immigrants.

  • Deborah Morris Coleman

    OMG That is one STUPID loud mouth FAT ass NIGGER! GET a freaking LIFE! GROW YOUR BLACK ASS UP! By the way dumb ass; SLAVERY ENDED IN 1865 so STOP LYING AND GET A FREAKING JOB BITCH! NO one owes your fat ass a damn thing! You sure as hell don’t need a food donation you are one FAT UGLY NIGGER BITCH !

  • Me Jane

    The really sad and unfortunate part of this is that these people are teaching the young people, their own children, to be angry just like this. It’s so self defeating and they don’t have the common sense to realize that fact. Most people want their children to be happy and enjoy life. I wonder if there’s anything in life that she does enjoy.