(Video) Quentin Tarantino, Using Black Lives Matter To Promote His Upcoming Movie For Free!!


Quentin Tarantino is the latest Hollywood elitist to use the BLM crowd for some free publicity and they’re too stupid to even realize it.  Seriously, the guy’s a huge freakin’ hypocrite.

Apparently he found a stranger wandering around the back yard of his Los Angeles house on October 11.  The man refused to leave after Tarantino asked him to so guess what he does?  If you said “call the cops” you’d be right.  The LAPD arrived in minutes after they were called and the man left after the officers questioned him.

Then, less than two weeks later, Tarantino was in New York speaking at a rally attacking police officers.

Will the BLM protestors ever figure out he was using them?  And how long will it take LAPD to get to his house next time?

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